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Patricia Malarcher is an award-winning American artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work in fabric and thread is in collections at the Newark Museum, the Cleveland Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the Racine Museum, Rutgers University, Lafayette College, and the Kamm Teapot Foundation, as well as in many corporate and private collections.


As a Renwick Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, she researched critical responses to artwork in craft materials. She served as Editor of the Surface Design Journal (1993-2012) and has contributed to publications that include the New York Times and many art magazines. She has written numerous essays for exhibition catalogs and chapters for books including Objects and Meaning, Helena Hernmarck: Tapestry Artist, and Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America. The American Craft Council named her an Honorary Fellow in 2020. 

About the Artist

"It takes a bold personality with a bent for risk to mix materials as different as Mylar, rayon, raffia and linen in one work, fusing the old with the new... to assemble complexities of shapes and textures and surfaces and still reconcile them; to wed so unobtrusively the craft of the hand and the technology of the machine; to reach out in such a multitude of directions and manage to consolidate all the discrete elements into an intelligible and intelligent synthesis."

David Shirey, New York Times

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